Your Opinion: Election will determine road for future generations

Dear Editor:

The November election is just a few weeks away and that election will be the most important election in my life. Not just because of the problems with the economy as important as they are. With unemployment at over 8 percent for many months, gas prices double what they were four years which causes price increases in food and almost everything we buy. The national debt is at $16 trillion and growing every day, which is absolutely unsustainable. A third stimulus policy just announced will de-value our dollars even more.

But even more important is that this election will determine the kind of country our children and grandchildren and generations yet to come will live in.

Either we stay on the road we are now on with more growth in government which is already too big. This will result in thousands of new rules and regulations and more spending of money we do not have and wasting a lot of it. All of this will result in even more of our precious freedom being taken away.

Or we will decide enough is enough and make a U-turn back to the road this country was built on, that road with freedom to determine your future as an individual with the opportunity to make your dreams come true with your hard work, honesty and determination.

This election will determine if this country turns back to the road with the precious gift of freedom and the will to defend that freedom for future generations.

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