Your Opinion: Catalyst for Armageddon

Dear Editor:

I find it impossible to believe that Romney-Ryan has Democrats so terrified that they forget that Obama and the truth have never had more than a coincidental relationship. He lied last time and this time he is lying with even greater strength and confidence. None of his most vehement supporters on the left remember how much this administration considers their principles a big joke.

With President Romney the Liberals will suddenly turn on a dime and start protesting the war on terror, drones, Afghanistan, the spying on, torture and murder of citizens as well as the draconian measures taken against whistleblowers, Muslims and immigrants — offenses they simply preferred to ignore under Obama. Romney and Ryan may even inspire that long, long overdue bloody, violent revolution Tom Jefferson promised.

Obama is not the lesser of two evils, he is the more effective evil. A Romney presidency will be met with massive resistance from a majority of Americans and even the conservative Democrat power structure. Obama’s residential abuses of power and his sell out of liberal values will not.

Is there any rational person who sincerely believes that the unsustainable American way of life can go on forever without destroying the planet? Does anyone seriously believe Obama has any chance or desire to go up against the banks, big energy or the collective corporate personhood bent upon universal destruction?

Short-term, it makes little difference whether Obama or Romney is elected. The total, inevitable destruction of our county and our environment cannot be stopped. The devil and his psychopathic agents who have risen to rule us, are now firmly in the driver’s seat. The only hope for the planet and humanity is to bring down the curtain on the whole charade of civilization as soon as possible — and by any means possible. Under Obama and the Democrats, I see capitalist civilization surviving for perhaps another 10 or 20 years before Armageddon. By then too much environmental damage will have been accomplished and the runaway greenhouse effect will be inevitable.

Under the Republicans I see the real possibility that we will experience the destruction of this country and hopefully civilization in a matter of years not decades. This may be our only, last chance for the survival of a small number of our species.

That is why I am praying for a Romney victory in November. Who says our electoral process cannot evoke change?

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