Your Opinion: Which hopeful lacks moral compass?

Dear Editor:

The following is a response to Mr. Sampson’s letter to the editor of Oct. 9. It’s quite a conspiracy theory you are weaving. You seem to say that President Obama is part of some underhanded plot against the government and that he has no moral compass.

It appears that the point you are trying to make is that President Obama is not one of us. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If our president and Ms. Obama are part of some big conspiracy to assert a “black agenda” wouldn’t we have seen that manifest by now? If you follow this line of reasoning wouldn’t there have been an expansion of affirmative action and other such programs? But we all know that that has not happened. What was the common thread of all those individuals in the article you referenced? They were all African-American.

If there is a candidate without a moral compass it is Romney. Let’s start with some individuals from whom he has chosen to illicit campaign contributions, starting with Sheldon Addelson, a man with known ties to the mob, and Donald Trump, Mr. Birther himself. He made himself clear in his talk with financial backers how much he has disdain for 47 percent of America and uses Newt Gingrich to spew dog whistle epithets designed to remind the many racists in today’s Republican party that the GOP has a white candidate. Do these folks seem like fine upstanding citizens to you.

He wants to increase our military by trillions of dollars with no way of paying for it. He wants to attack Iran, which any sane person knows will start World War III. He is clueless as to the actual cost of war as he, himself, dodged the draft and not one of his won sons has served in the military. He’s happy to sent your children into war but won’t have any of his own sons serve. Hmm...

How about Multiple Choice Mitt? He tells folks that his is intent on giving Americans big tax cuts but our of the other side of his mouth he says he will not add to the deficit. He’s for a woman’s right to choose, he’s against abortion depending on the day you talk to him. He has no vision for America. He just has being president on his bucket list and is using today’s GOP to make it happen.

America deserves better.

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