Your Opinion: Double standard denotes hypocrisy

Dear Editor:

I have a question for all you Democrat voters, why is an adulterous affair bad now, but wasn’t when Slick Willy was president?

I remember when a reckless affair with a very young woman by Slick Willy who had access to powerful, sensitive intelligence, wasn’t a big deal. We were told then, that as long as it didn’t get in the way of the work being done, it wasn’t anybody’s business.

Slick Willy had an affair with a very young woman, that there was no security risk involved, there was no possibility of blackmail. It was considered no big deal, then.

Slick Willy having an affair with a very young woman, was considered no big deal at all to the hip people in New York, Washington and Hollywood. As a matter of fact it improved his mystic with them and even today he is held up as a political hero, by the communistic Democrat party.

That was only a problem for us hicks. It was only a problem for us hayseeds that live here in fly-over country. If you go back, nobody had any worries whatsoever about it.

In fact, back then, they trashed the woman. They went out and claimed that that’s exactly what you’d get if you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park. This is the party of women, the party that believes in women, the party that stands up for women, the party that respects women, the party that gives women everything they want, they went out and trashed the woman. And that was considered cool and fine and okay.

I believe that it has always been a sin and will be dealt with by God as such. I had respect for Petraeus, until this adulterous action he took.

He resigned and rightly so. When you stand before God and man and swear to Love, Honor, and Obey the wife you are marring, you have taken an oath and should be held accountable.

Why didn’t the Democrats insist that Slick Willy resign, as he had more than one such encounter? I don’t want an answer, it’s just that your hypocrisy is showing though.

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