Your Opinion: Answers we need are in the Bible

Dear Editor:

Does anyone believe in God and Jesus anymore? Does everyone believe what the president says over what God says in the Bible? God inspired every word in the Bible.

Does everyone think it’s all right to have an abortion (kill the unwanted babies.) Does everyone think it’s all right to be a homosexual? If our generation believes it is all right to have an abortion and it is all right to be homosexual, don’t you think we’re going to feel God’s wrath sooner or later?

Even worse what kind of future will our children and grandchildren have if we don’t straighten out our thinking by going back to the Bible for the answers to any questions, we, our children or our grandchildren might have now? The answers we need are there in the Bible. The consequence of not reading the Bible are that we begin to think the way the world thinks. If we care about our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, we had better rethink many of our decisions now and act accordingly.

If you vote for people that are pro-abortion, what makes you any different than the people who think it is all right to have an abortion? If you vote for people who are pro-homosexual, what makes you any different than the homosexual? What ever happened to the question we use to ask ourselves before we made decision ... What Would Jesus Do? Are we forgetting Who blesses us everyday in every way and Who we will answer to when our life ends?

If you are pro-abortion and pro-homosexual. I pray that you read your Bible and get re-acquainted with God’s commandments. You and more importantly, your family’s life after death may depend on reuniting with God and His commandments.

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