Your Opinion: Response to Boldt on evolution

Dear Editor:

I wish to comment on Mr. Boldt’s letter on April 28. Contrary to popular opinion all scientists do not believe in evolution in any form: whether cleverly disguised, straightforward or blunt. Many public and private schools teach that all scientists are evolutionaries — a monstrous misconception for many are true Bible believing men and women who know that evolution in many of its facets cannot exist.

It has come to the point that anyone who disagrees with the conclusions or “theories” of evolution are often ridiculed as Boldt does. Evolution, which should be presented as a “theory” is set forth as an indisputable truism. Because of the relentless brainwashing, especially students of all ages are apt to fall into this evolution spiritual death trap. Hence they need to be fortified by the Word of God and also by scientific evidence against this antirelgion.

One theory concerning the beginning of the universe is known as the “big bang theory” which states that billions of years ago all the matter in the universe was contracting. When the extreme density was reached a violent rebound transpired resulting in the creation of the stars, planets etc. Needless to say no explanation is given as from where this “matter” originated.

Today there is no more conclusive refutation of Darwinism than paleontology, the study of fossils, which is one of the most embarrassing facts of evolution. Many books written by scientists also Christians disprove the evolution “theories.”

True Christians believe that Scripture is the inspired Word of God which tells us that almighty God created Heaven and earth. This belief is a result of faith wrought by the Holy Ghost and not by any work, acts, or scientific findings of men. But today, since there is an ever increasing assault on Christianity it is necessary to show that many of the evolutionaries’ arguments can be defeated by applying one of their own weapons, science, along with the Bible to give some of the necessary ammunition to help Christians rebuff this assault.

So why has the evolution “theory” taken such a foothold over and against divine creation? Scripture tells us in 1 Cor. “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

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