Your Opinion: Disrespect doesn't invite conversation

Dear Editor,

According to Mr. Boldt, there is nothing worse than a Fundamentalist Christian who insists everyone believe exactly as they do. But maybe worse is an arrogant, angry atheist who insists everyone who believes in God is superstitious and incapable of intelligently thinking for themselves and is having a negative impact on the world.

Boldt complains that it is impossible to have a conversation with a Christian because they are incapable of intelligent give and take. Perhaps the problem lies in Boldt’s approach to the conversation.

He apparently believes that Christians have no idea of the sensitivities and sensibilities of their neighbors. Christians are incapable of formulating an argument that makes sense. Only by getting out from under Christian influence can a person be free and accomplish whatever it is atheists are supposed to achieve.

Boldt is quick to inform his Christian tormentors that they are blind to the stupidities and contradictions of their Scripture and that their God is a bumbling, unintelligent designer. He also says that these Christian “blue noses” have pornographic religious imaginations. And finally he pronounces the Christian beliefs which began in the first century as the teachings of Jesus, second person of the Holy Trinity, to be a stench that fouls the air he has to breathe.

With that attitude how can he have an intelligent discussion on any topic that touches on religion! When one begins with such extremely biased and false assumptions and total disregard (dare I say hatred) for the dignity of the other person, exhibited by name calling and putting down the other person’s beliefs, it is no surprise that the conversation does not go well.

It would be nice if Boldt was open to Christian beliefs but we must respect his right to hold the ideas and opinions he has. However, he should also respect the right of others to believe as they wish without name calling, belittling their faith, and arrogantly flaunting his “enlightened” insights. Maybe he needs to broaden his field of acquaintances. Then he just might find that there are many intelligent Christians that are quite adept at holding their own in a conversation and explaining facts and doctrines in terms he can comprehend and appreciate.

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