Your Opinion: Enhance JCTV, don't eliminate it

Dear Editor:

It is disappointing to read about an effort to kill JCTV. I hope the City Council rejects the idea. Actually, I hope the City Council looks for ways to improve this important service for our community.

Community access channels can be an important link between citizens and their government. The ability of thousands of Jefferson Citians to watch their City Council consider important issues is not something that should be lost. Nor should other community-oriented services JCTV offers be lost.

The unfortunate thing about JCTV is that it does not have the financial wherewithal to do even more. Instead of talking about killing it, the discussion should be about ways to make the service stronger and better promoted for the community resource it is and that it can be.

Mediacom, which seems to have no reluctance at all to making my cable service more expensive, could be a better corporate citizen of our town if it donated 50 cents per customer to JCTV. And if Mediacom wants to add that to my monthly bill — well, that’s one addition I would not gripe about paying. Given a choice of paying for an endless supply of shopping channels and religious channels or a one JCTV channel, I’ll go for JCTV. I’ll shop at my local stores and attend my hometown church, thank you.

And I wouldn’t object to an incremental city-collected fee being added to an existing fee of some kind with the proceeds going to JCTV.

Killing JCTV is the wrong thing to do when, with proper support, it can be a much greater community resource. I’d rather our city leaders, elected and appointed, spent their time finding ways to build up this important service to our city rather than spending their time trying to turn out its lights.

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