Your Opinion: Nixon's veto message called 'hog wash'

Dear Editor:

The Nanny state is alive and well here in Missouri. Gov. Nixon has vetoed SB749, which states no companies “shall be compelled to provide coverage for, or be discriminated against or penalized for declining or refusing coverage for, abortion, contraception, or sterilization in a health plan.”

By vetoing the bill, Nixon said in a written statement to the Secretary of State that it would have infringed on the rights of Missourians to make their own decisions regarding contraceptive use, and he said he disapproved of the bill because it would make the beliefs of Missourians “secondary to the will of insurance companies.”

This is a bunch of hog wash! All those religious organizations that are self insured and have great umbrage with providing coverage for medical procedures that contradict their religious beliefs, should cancel their insurance coverage.

Their employees should have to get coverage elsewhere. Requiring a religious organization to provide services to an employee, so that they can obtain an abortion, when they teach that it against what God has laid down in Holy Scripture, is going too far.

The Nanny state knows best, which is par for the course for Democrats!

In addition, Nixon signed HB1563, which expands those items insurance companies are required by force of law to provide to include autism.

I know that this can be an expensive thing for those that have someone they are responsible for, with this disorder. My question is why do we want to require by force of law, all insurance companies in Missouri to cover this?

The more we require insurance companies to provide, the more expensive coverage is for those of us that do not have these individual disorders.

First government requires insurance companies to cover all sorts of items and then doesn’t let their citizens buy coverage form an insurance company in another state that doesn’t have these mandates.

Just like Obama, Nixon must be defeated when he comes up for re-election. They are similar in that you know they are lying because their mouths are moving.

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