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Your Opinion: ‘Free Riders’

Dear Editor:

What in the world is the former Speaker of the House talking about? She has said that the Obamacare mandate is placing a penalty on the “Free Riders” who elect not to purchase health care insurance. This is similar to what King George wanted to do to the colonists years ago. Her “Free riders” are people who, like the colonists, are perceived to have benefited from the gargantuan investment of government without paying their proper share.

All that King George really wanted was for the colonists to pay their “fair share,” a share that was determined thousands of miles away. All that the colonists wanted was the rights of Englishmen that they believed they were entitled. After a great deal of bloodshed, the colonists won the right to be Americans instead.

The true “Free Riders” are getting a free ride on everything from foodto housing, but the free ride comes from the taxpayers that Pelosi and Obama damn as “Free Riders.” And the only way to keep their free ride going is by ending everyone else’s freedom. “Free Riders” is a polite version of the Soviet Union’s “Parasites.” The concept is the same, in a system where benefits are extended to everyone; everyone is obligatedto the system.

There is a big difference between a free country and a country of free things. You can have one or the other, but you can’t have both. A free country isn’t obsessed with free riders, only a country of free things obsesses with making everyone pay their fair share for the benefit of the people who want the free things. The rugged individualism of Colonial America has given way to people crying, “Take from him and give to me.”

We are a nation overflowing with the right to things paid for with other people’s money. JFK’s famous line, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” was always a hollow lie. Half the country is expected to ask what their country can do for them, while the other half is expected to ask what they can do for their country.

Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death”; the Hippy of the sixties said “Give me liberty,” while today we just say “Give me.”

Are you a “Free Rider”, and by whose definition?

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