Your Opinion: Obama fails to spur job creation

Dear Editor:

We the people are being deceived! The unemployment rate that is published by the government is not correct. This number does not account for discouraged workers who have given up looking, under-employed and part-time workers.

Our president likes to boast about how many jobs have been created since he took office but what he fails to mention is there are fewer workers today than when he took office. He will never tell the public the true numbers because he knows he will not get re-elected.

If our president was truly concerned about creating jobs there are many things that could be done, but adding more government jobs is not the answer. What funds government jobs? The private sector does.

The federal government needs to cut some of the ridiculous regulations of which they are generating more every year. Cut taxes and yes cut federal spending.

Our president does not propose spending cuts especially not now since once again he is running for re-election. Amazing! When he does propose cuts the reported number sounds like he is attempting to make cuts but those cuts are spread out over so many years in the future that they have little or no impact.

A true leader is one who will make tough choices that are best for the country and its future not their own!

The president made a remark some months back saying something to the effect that we Americans had lost our drive and become lazy.

This comes from a man who has had no real world job experience. He never ran a business, made payroll or dealt with all aspects of business. No wonder he can’t balance a budget!

Americans have always been strong, hard working, self-reliant people and we still are. America will prosper once again just get out of our way and let us work!

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