Your Opinion: Raising taxes not the answer

Dear Editor:

The Transform Jefferson City group has come up with some creative ideas for future economic growth, but has fallen short on how to initiate these ideas.

Raising taxes is never good especially in a poor economic climate. The group doesn’t shy away from this fact and have publicly stated, “It’s a tax increase in a bad economy, we know that, we understand that, and we accept that.”

They may accept a tax increase, but I don’t — they must have more money than I do. The city has several other means of generating income other than taxes. Yet, raising taxes seems to be the only method the Transform Jefferson City group can come up with to find the funding for their projects.

There are several other ways to raise money such as fundraising events, asking for donations, or gaining corporate partnerships. When you look at the businesses represented in Transform Jefferson City (who will benefit directly from this tax increase) you would think they would have the resources to help the city raise the money on their own.

I guess it never occurred to them to donate their own money or services to improve their community; instead they’ve used them to enforce a tax increase.

It’s not hard to draw a direct line from the projects being proposed to the businesses involved in Transform Jefferson City. The group has done an excellent job campaigning and marketing themselves; convincing people of all the “good” things it will bring the city and using an attractive half-cent sales tax slogan.

However, there is one part of their proposal which concerns me as equally as paying higher taxes.

The Transform Jefferson City group is proposing using tax money for what they are calling the Capitol Avenue Property Acquisition Fund. It’s a snappy title, but what does this really mean? The city will use tax money to buy properties along Capitol Avenue in “Old Town,” which they will then redevelop, sell, or lease back to the public. The worst part is if a property owner doesn’t want to sell, they can use eminent domain to take the property anyway.

I want to see my city prosper and grow, but not this way. What happened to the time when a community would come together and volunteer something of themselves? It seems that time has passed and the only answer now is to enforce more taxes.


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