Your Opinion: Business owner laments out-of-town spending

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter because of concerns I have for the Transformation campaign.

As a business owner this is an initiative I have followed since the original focus groups last year and have attended several Q/A sessions in its inception. This is something I believe every Jefferson City citizen should be looking at and researching as it not only affects us now, but our future generations directly.

The decision on this and how it is handled will impact Jefferson City in ways that many haven’t even begun to comprehend yet. As time comes closer to vote, I find myself moving to a no vote.

So far publicity materials have been coming from St. Louis and Kansas City. Thousands of dollars spent on collateral, there are multiple companies in Jefferson City that combined could have produced and delivered these products, none of them where asked. How does this help JC?

Is this how all the projects are going to be run? Using out- of-town businesses and contractors to accomplish what we can do ourselves? What helps our city more, spending the $40 million on local businesses with local employees who pay taxes to the city or using outside sources. I know $40 million spent on the local economy through local business and resources in the implementation would only multiply exponentially the value of the proposed plans.

I just want to make sure the money we give as taxpayers is going to be spent wisely. It’s our city and our economy we are talking about. Forty million dollars is no laughing matter. There is no reason that a majority of that couldn’t be spent using local resources.

I believe until every dime of this initiative is accounted for and planned correctly with no open-ended answers or questions we should vote no.

When a child asks for $20 do you give it to them or do you ask what they need it for and where they are going to spend the money?

The healing of our nation will start with strong local economies.


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