Your Opinion: Taxpayers urged to ‘wake up’

Dear Editor:

Taxpayers wake up. This isn’t the last sales tax increase if you don’t kill it.

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Every Jefferson City taxpayer and voter should oppose the sales tax increase and vote against it on Feb. 7.

Anytime $50 million is sitting in one cookie jar, morally challenged hands will reach out for the cookies under the cover of public indifference.

The elitists who are in favor of this tax increase make the claim that the money will be watched by the City Council and is therefore safe.

Really? Let’s look at the record.

This is the same City Council that had some rather “irregular” last-minute procedures regarding the selection process for architectural services which resulted in their selection of a firm that was not the low bidder. This was only corrected when it was reported by the local news media. We have a City Council that can’t even remain corruption-free when they know they are being watched.

Now consider that it is this very same City Council that will rubber stamp the funding decisions and you have a prescription for corruption. There will be larger “irregularities” in proportion to the larger sum of money in the cookie jar. Who will look out for the general public? There will be invisible sticky fingers in the cookie jar every time the Chamber of Commerce has a new pet project enriching one of its members. The taxpayers will never hear about the “irregularities.” And just like Wall Street, no one will ever go to jail.

Our City Council and the chamber have seceded from their own city and their fellow citizens to form their own city consisting of only themselves. They don’t care about you, your family budget or your lives.

The lid will come off the cookie jar just as soon as the light of public scrutiny is turned off.

And they are already reaching for the light switch.

Fight back. Vote no on Feb. 7.

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