Your Opinion: Response to Medin

Dear Editor:

I object to certain statements made by Mr. Medin in his letter to the editor, Jan. 13.

I resent the implication of not fixing a leaking roof; replacement is a costly affair. Temporary fixes are just that, temporary though less costly. Those less fortunate than you and me cannot afford the permanent fix. The price of necessities, plus the multitude of taxes, places them in a position of choice: rent, utility bills, food, gas for getting around, clothes for the children, etc. For you and me, it is simple, on payday merely transfer funds from here to there. For them, it is what do I give up?

Your comments about the less advantaged neighborhoods and not carrying their weight are offensive. I live in a nice house, though not as nice as those in Schellridge, Whitney Woods and others. Are you implying that I am not carrying my weight?

If Transformation is passed it allows the board to acquire land, determine quality of place and, therefore, impose eminent domain. City ordinance and RSMO Section 67.1305 allows these acts. Question: Where are the people you displace going to go just because you do not like the condition of their homes? Mr. Medin, you had eight years on the City Council and did nothing to correct the neglect of those neighborhoods that you now dislike.

Transformation while an admirable concept, is seriously flawed. There are no guarantees on the return of investment. Also, the Chamber has failed in planning the true, future costs of implementation, in the same manner as your tenure on the City Council.

These neglected neighborhoods need an apology and a helping hand.

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