Your Opinion: Transformation sales tax opposed

Dear Editor:

The recent letter from Joe Scheppers ignored the issues of the February election to increase sales taxes to about 10 percent. His letter is misleading.

The number one issue is that sales taxes are regressive. The lower a person’s income, the higher percentage of their income goes to sales tax. A more fair tax would be property tax, but people with expensive property do not want that because it would cost them a fair share of taxes. Sales taxes are a small percent of their income. Business owners such as Chamber of Commerce members are especially opposed to property taxes as they must pay it on commercial property as well as their expensive houses. How about a reply on the unfairness of sales taxes, Mr. Scheppers?

The February date of the election was picked to assure a low turnout so the Chamber of Commerce members could dominate the election. The same tactics were used successfully to increase county sales taxes. I do not believe it is a coincidence. Sales taxes elections are held when there is little attention and the weather prevents many people from voting. Why is the election in February, Mr. Scheppers?

Our sales taxes are too high now. His suggestion that a little more now would bring benefits is pathetic. A higher sales tax would only be more unfair.

The money generated from the sales taxes will be controlled by a board. The Chamber of Commerce will make sure that the members of all boards are looking out for their interest and not of the citizens. After their people are in control of the tax money, they will spend it as they want with no recourse for citizens.

Anyone who would promote unfair sales taxes, attempt to rig the election by scheduling it in February and promote a tax that benefits him cannot be expected to present all the facts. A reply might cause more interest in the election. More people voting could result in an outcome not to his advantage.

Why was a sales tax proposed instead of a property tax? It may be important but not important enough for you to pay your fair share of taxes, Mr. Scheppers. Sales taxes should be decreased and not increased.

Vote no on any sales tax increase.

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