Your Opinion: ‘Wake up America’ on gun control

Dear Editor:

I guess as long as there are emotionally driven liberals then freedom-loving, rational-thinking individuals will be an endangered species. The thing that really bothers me is that politicians who can exercise control over our lives are so ready to immediately jump with their rhetoric to limit our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms!

Of course the Newtown, Conn. shooting was horrible. I just wonder why the emotional liberals and the vote-hungry politicians don’t seem to be at all concerned about the 446 school age children shot this year in Chicago which has one of the toughest gun laws in the country. That number includes 62 school age children murdered. Could it be that Chicago Democrat mayor Rahm Emanuel cares so much more than any NRA member could possibly care about human life?

The liberal’s way to solve all our culture problems is to keep demonizing the conservatives and let the media keep telling the uninformed public how much they care.

Of course, no problems are ever solved but everyone feels better. They’ll just keep chipping away at our liberties until we have no freedom left then we’ll be completely safe, just like the big city folks with the tough gun laws. Right?

Here are some questions I would like to have answered by an honest liberal. Would Nancy Lanza, or any other teacher now say they would feel safer protected by a gun-free zone or to have a concealed carry permit and a gun on their person? Would they feel better protected with a cell phone to call 911 or a gun available for protection if someone broke into their home at night? I would bet that if a truthful answer were given by anyone, we all know what it would be.

Wake up America. The majority of politicians do not speak for us any more. They only speak for themselves and their future. The only way they can do that is to keep convincing the ill-informed voting majority that government is omnipotent and can solve all problems. There is nothing farther from the truth. A perfect example is the failure of a gun-free zone to protect the unprotected children of Newtown, Conn.

There is no way passing more gun laws will guarantee sick and/or evil people won’t be able to get illegal guns and will only result in more killings of law abiding citizens who cannot defend themselves!

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