Your Opinion: Divided and dependent culture

Dear Editor:

Isn’t it amazing how the leftist liberals are now so confident of their control of our culture that they can now “come out of the closet” and be truthful about their bigoted beliefs?

What difference should color, gender or religion make in a free society where personal responsibility and justice are paramount. Isn’t this the whole purpose of our Bill of Rights and Constitution to guarantee equality for all? Shouldn’t we be blind to those differences? Apparently not; it makes a lot of difference when a winning political party’s agenda promotes the philosophy of divide and conquer.

I wonder why so many white males apparently wasted their lives in the Revolutionary War and all wars since. I guess my feeling, as a “white male” is somewhat like the Jews may have felt after the German election in 1933. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried about death camps, only death panels.

It’s such a shame that the interpretation of freedom as guaranteed by our founding fathers has become so corrupted.

It’s so apparent to me that the Democrat Party by establishing a divided and dependent culture has determined they can manipulate and mold our society to total dependency on government.

The last election confirms the success of their sinister methods. The white male population is the last voter block to succumb to the false security and freedom destruction of government dependency and therefore must be disparaged.

I think all should read the “Eight Stages of Democracy” by Professor Alexander Tyler in 1787. This is found by searching “8 stages of democracy” then selecting http://didshesaythat. com/?p=515.

It’s quite obvious from the last election that we have just gone into the last of Stage 7 “From Apathy to Dependence.” Stage 8, “From Dependence back into Bondage” is next. His estimate of 200 years is past, but his predictions are right on.

God oversaw our last revolution and the establishment of our country; I hope he has the forgiveness and grace to help us in the next.

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