Your Opinion: Atheists attack Christmas

Dear Editor:

With the Christmas season approaching, it looks like the atheists have started up their war on anything religious, especially the Christian religion.

In Rhode Island they have complained about the traditional Christmas tree at the capitol in Providence. They have succeeded in getting Gov. Lincoln Chafee to change its name to a holiday tree.

How about the nativity scenes in Santa Monica, Calif.? They claim to be offended by such displays and that these displays are unconstitutional according to the First Amendment. I’m sure if they could they would do away with Christmas as a federal holiday.

If atheists are allowed to have religious displays removed then you have nothing. Now I am offended because that is what atheists believe in, nothing. Here is an example of just how ignorant atheists can be.

There is a statue of Jesus on federal land near the Whitefish Mountain Resort in Helena, Mont. This statue was placed there 57 years ago by WWII veterans and is maintained by the local Knights of Columbus. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a lawsuit claiming that the statue is offensive and should be removed. The Knights of Columbus asked a U.S. District Court to dismiss the lawsuit but was denied when an atheist, who lives 15 miles from the resort, claimed he was offended each time he skied past the statue.

Now for the ignorant part. When told that the lawsuit could continue, Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation said, “I could just say, ‘Hallelujah’. It was very obliging of the judge to let it proceed.” Some atheist she is, she just said, “God be praised.” Have you ever wondered, if an atheist curses, whose name do they take in vain?

It reminds me of the story of the atheist grandfather who was discussing religion with his young granddaughter. He wrote, “God is nowhere” on a piece of paper. His young granddaughter, just learning to read said, “That’s right grandpa, God is now here.”

I say if the atheists are going to go after the Christmas holiday, Christians should go after their April 1 holiday.

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