Your Opinion: Response to Boldt on 'scientific studies'

Dear Editor:

I can’t understand why some people who seem to be so learned by their ability to write and/or speak but apparently do not realize that there is no expert or study that can or has been done that is 100 percent correct!

Pollsters and intellects such as Mr. Boldt gain public attention and assumed credibility by quoting information one is supposed to revere when documented by terms such as “according to experts” and “by a recent scientific study.” How many “expert opinions” and “scientific studies” have been found to be lacking in validity after some who are not so quick to accept the information start questioning their basis? The only way “experts” or “scientific studies” can arrive at any conclusion is by extrapolation from bits and pieces of information then formulating them to some conclusion. Is it possible that some of these people who form these conclusions have an ideological interest in the outcome? Can you say “global warming”?

Boldt is very emphatic about the fact that “ignorant people (those who disagree with him it seems) should at least investigate the facts.” I wonder how one would go about that such that the conclusion would be absolutely true? How much information is there on human behavior? I’m sure by Mr. Boldt’s letter he has researched every bit of it since he has assumed that everyone else is ignorant and has apparently overlooked some information that would enlighten them and therefore agree with him.

To the point Mr. Boldt is trying to make, which I feel is beyond the point of rational thought, that homosexuals are not more likely to molest children of the same gender is absurd. From my understanding, the whole point of homosexuality is to satisfy ones desire for sex with the same gender. How anyone can defend allowing any adult with any known unnatural sexual motivation to council children and young adults just because of some “experts” writings is beyond me.

It’s really a shame that Boldt who, by extrapolation from his own words is not ignorant, hasn’t come up with a solution to rapes and murders.

Surely there is a mountain of information that people like Boldt could research and stop all that nasty human behavior if they wouldn’t consume all their time worrying about eliminating the Boy Scouts right to protect and teach boys as they have done so well for 102 years.

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