Your Opinion: Story of couple who lived quietly

Dear Editor:

I finally have to say something regarding homosexuals. I have read enough and not replied hoping it would all die down but apparently it’s not going to do so very soon so have to throw in my two cents worth also.

First off, let me say, I’m tired of all the Bible quotes and so on from all sides. To me, the issue is about fairness.

My cousin was a lesbian. Her partner of many years was from Iowa, graduated from MU with a degree in journalism, joined the W.A.A.C. when it was first formed and later became the W.A.C. She rose through the ranks rapidly and became the first female to attain the rank of full colonel and worked in the Pentagon. She was instrumental in the development of the newspaper “The Stars & Stripes.” She retired after many years in the Army and she and my cousin took up residence in the city of La Jolla, Calif.

They lived quietly there for many years, traveled in a large motor home and enjoyed retirement until my cousin became ill, had to go to a nursing home. At that time Lane went every morning to tend to Lin, my cousin, and stayed the day, overseeing her care. One morning she arrived as usual to find the room empty, went to the front desk to inquire as to where they had moved her only to be told that she had died during the night. Died alone without her loved one by her side. This is so not fair. Of course now California has laws to prevent this happening but back then they did not.

Lane and Lin never hurt anyone, lived their lives without cruising bars, trying to seduce young people or doing any of those evil things people think they are out doing. And there are many, many more just like them, who make great contributions to this country. I think there are many service men who served during World War II who would thank Lane for her contribution of “The Stars & Stripes” and could care less about her sexual orientation.

So please, think about what is fair to these very normal people who live quietly among us.

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