Your Opinion: Response to Haslag on debt history

Dear Editor:

Obliviously, Mr. Haslag has taken great umbrage with what he considers a misquote of him by me. But, Mr. Haslag what are we to do with you!

In your letter of Sept. 21 you quoted your letter of Aug. 3, where you said that President Reagan and George H.W. Bush accumulated $3.134 trillion in debt, but in your letter of Aug. 28 you said, and I quote, “While tripling the debt ...” Now Mr. Haslag which is correct, did the News Tribune misquote you, or did you forget what you said when? Which is it sir?

And you say that I don’t have my facts straight! Sir, it doesn’t seem as though you have your own story straight. These are not personal attacks but just a statement of what you stated in one letter but stated something different in another letter.

As I lived through President Reagan’s term in office and am proud to say that I voted for him twice, he and Tip O’Neill did not get along regardless of what the Washington Post happened to say at the time. You don’t call someone you get along with an “amiable dunce.” I do not “allege” anything; I observed this sparring in the newspapers and from watching television.

All things considered, the national debt increase under President Reagan in eight years was a mere pittance compared to the debt increase of President Obama in just three years and what is projected in the future.

Remember President Reagan had to work with a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives while Obama had Democrats in control of both the House and Senate, by wide margins. Before Scott Brown arrived we got Obama care and the stimulus package with all those shovel ready jobs (ha ha).

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