Your Opinion: Response to Boldt’s ‘inane’ 9-11 comments

Dear Editor:

After Sunday’s Opinion Page rant by Mr. Boldt, he should no longer be considered to have anything sensible to add to any discussion about any topic. His inference that “President Bush and key members of his administration bore a large share of the responsibility for the attacks — a kind of falseflag/Reichstag fire operation,” are about as inane as several comments made by Rosie O’Donnell after the 9-11 attacks.

He states that “we will all be disenfranchised by never hearing a full accounting under oath by Bush and company as to their complicity in these events.”

“Complicity in these events?” Is he serious? This is similar to saying the President Johnson and key members of his administration were complicit in the My Lai massacre. How ludicrous.

Remember Boldt is the same individual that said in a previous submittal, “I don’t think it irrational to believe that we may well expect our planet by the end of 21st century to have an average daily atmospheric temperature hot enough to melt lead”, which is 621.43 degrees F. This from a so called “great thinker?”

To say that “Osama bin Laden bore no direct operational responsibility for the 9-11 attacks” is similar to saying that, President Roosevelt had no direct operational responsibility to the fact that my Dad parachuted into France at Sainte-Mere Eglise, before D-day, and half his company were shot and killed by the Germans before they touched the ground.

To say that “anti-Muslim fear mongering has only increased under Obama and his stooge Eric Holder,” is further evidence that Boldt should not be taken seriously. Even though I would agree that Eric Holder is a stooge or even worse.

“Radical” Muslims are a grave danger to our way of life in the USA. They believe that their god tells them to strap bombs on their bodies and blow up innocent women and children, while my

God sent His Son to die on a cross for my sins. A big difference.

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