Your Opinion: Aerotropolis called a waste of money

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to support Rep. Jason Crowell and all other legislators opposing the “Aerotropolis: Boon or boondoggle,” headlined in the Sept. 4 News Tribune. I for another feel it is a boondoggle just like “cash for clunkers” and the rest of the failed stimulus projects our desperate and frantic politicians are dreaming up for 2012 votes.

Who in private business, without an enforceable contract, would expend over $360,000,000 to try to lure a competitor into purchasing their products? A fool that’s who! But hey, what’s new for this administration that has no one except Jeffery R. Immelt, GE CEO and head of Obama’s panel of economic advisors, that has any business experience. Anyone want to guess who’s probably sending more jobs overseas than anyone, including China and will probably get a piece of this action? GE would be a good guess.

Also, would anyone want to guess how many of the contractor employees and permanent staff employees for this project would be union? I would guess most if not all and I would also guess most if not all would vote Democrat? One should listen to Teamster president Jimmy Hoffa’s opening speech for Obama in Detroit on Sept. 5 to really help understand what this is all about.

Is the picture coming together? If this boondoggle happens, I can foresee not only an empty airline terminal but also a warehouse full of stuff for sale with no buyer and we taxpayers paying forever for the storage and maintenance with the 10,000-12,000 new government union employees.

If I were buying a product, I would go directly to the retailer who has the best price and have it shipped the cheapest way. Does anyone believe this project could come close to competing with UPS, FedEx or others for direct shipping from a retailer? Oh well, I’m not an Ivy League elite and just don’t understand these complicated issues like how much China is wanting to help us. Chinese Commerce Minister Chang Deming said he “hopes China more than doubles its purchases of U.S. goods by 2016.”

I guess we should believe Mr. Deming’s hope like most of America’s voters believed Mr. Obama’s hope in 2008 since it’s worked so well.

I sincerely hope our legislators and the governor will get many calls to stop this horrendous waste of taxpayer’s money and have the courage to do it.

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