Your Opinion: Democrats’ destructive mode

Dear Editor:

This letter is written to Mr. Haslag and all the other extreme liberal Democrat socialist “bickering Bickersons” whose apparent sole purpose in life is to destroy the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

The only reason I can think of in destroying Ronald Reagan’s legacy is the same as their intentions in destroying Sarah Palin or any other successful conservative who threatens their socialistic cause. I will never understand why anyone needs to destroy those that demand respect for actual accomplishments and who want to raise the expectations and status of the people of this country to be all they can be, which is what made this country great.

Think about it. With the liberal socialist Democrat, it’s all about winning elections and thereby obtaining and holding on to power. When has a liberal socialist Democrat ever won an election on real accomplishments rather than hollow promises (i.e. hope and change)? I can’t recall any.

Oh yes, they tout Bill Clinton’s balancing the budget while in office. Guess what! The only way he did it was to ride in on the Reagan economy surge, reluctantly signing Speaker Gingrich’s welfare reform act and having Hillary Clinton’s “Hillarycare” be trashed.

The only way they can win is on promises of more socialistic programs to entice more citizens into the destructive mode of government dependency.

Another little tidbit of information, one should note that the word “tax,” which is what we, who are forced to pay for these programs, has now been changed by these liberal socialists to “investment” and “revenue enhancement” to attempt to continue to fool as many voters as possible that their socialism really doesn’t cost anything.

I can only hope and pray that someone in the Republican party lineup of candidates gets elected that has the courage and ability to clean up the mess Mr. Obama is making like President Reagan did after Mr. Carter’s trashing of our economy.

Because what Mr. Obama has done, is doing and wants to do, is so much worse than what Mr. Carter did, it’s going to be a really tough challenge. I also hope we Americans have the courage to elect a conservative Republican who will do what needs to be done to save our country.

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