Your Opinion: Response to Boldt on two groups

Dear Editor:

I find it very ironic that in the Oct. 22 opinion page, Ms. McMillin’s and Mr. Boldt’s letters were together. Obviously Mr. Boldt didn’t get the memo that we are to love our neighbors and not use incendiary rhetoric towards them. To call one group of protestors “T-baggers”, while calling the other group the “occupiers that represent an authentic(sic), grass roots, populist democratic(sic) movement, is missing what one can observe if you are paying attention.

Of all the tea party gatherings, no one defecated on police cars as the Wall Street protestors have. When interviewed, the tea party individuals had coherent thoughts of what they wanted while the Wall Street protestors can’t come up with anything resembling coherent thought. These protestors remind me of what I observed in the ‘60s from long-haired, maggot-infested, hippy freaks and that protested with highly inflammatory signage, no regard for someone else’s property, and violence.

When the big Glenn Beck rally was over in Washington, D.C., those that attended even picked up all their own trash unlike the Wall Street protestors. Some even said that the D.C. rally attendees left the city cleaner than when they arrived.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were not members of the tea party as they were and still are, violent radicals that founded the Weather Underground and claimed responsibility for numerous bombings throughout United States. The SEIU thugs that show up at these rallies are not showing the love your neighbor that Ms. McMillin so disparately wants from us all.

Mr. Boldt, your next to last paragraph let the cat out of the bag when you said, “The capitalists and the arms manufacturers in their suites high above the sweaty streets ....” If you seemly detest capitalists so much, why are you still here? There are too many wonderful government systems around the world that are not capitalist that you could move to and enjoy the fruits of your many thoughts, and we sir, would be free to not have to endure your condescending rhetoric.

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