Your Opinion: Response to Boldt

Dear Editor:

I’m trying to understand Bob Boldt’s Oct. 15 letter in the News Tribune.

It seems Boldt is disappointed in Mr. Obama. He believes that a “progressive” (term used to disguise liberal socialists) Democrat should run who can deliver real change. For his first two years in office Mr. Obama has changed this country exactly as he had planned with Ms. Pelosi’s and Mr. Reid’s and the liberal voters’ (including Boldt’s) help.

The problem is that he fooled Boldt, as all liberal socialists do in order to get elected since they can’t get elected by exposing their true beliefs. Now when the real “hope and change” he deceived his voters with has failed and is basically destroying this country in virtually all aspects, Boldt is disappointed. It’s amazing!

I wonder what kind of change would be acceptable to Boldt? He doesn’t want a “crazy Republican” but apparently someone who has the courage and substance to destroy corporations (i.e. Occupy Wall Street) except those the Democrats feel are worthy of throwing money at (i.e. Solyndra, Fisker, et al).

Mr. Boldt, that kind of change doesn’t take courage or substance, it only takes a penchant toward socialism and crony capitalism. Isn’t that ideology and practice what we presently have with Mr. Obama and all the academics in his administration?

Maybe you would vote for someone that would have the courage to take everyone’s income such that everyone would gross exactly the same thing whether they had a job or not and all corporations would be non-profit. Talk about a liberal’s dream society! I wonder how long a third party candidate would last running on that platform. Oh well, I’m sure he or she could possibly get elected if they would also lie about their true ambitions.

Anyway, I’m glad to hear Boldt isn’t going to vote.

We “crazy Republicans” hope all the Democrats feel the same way.

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