Your Opinion: Candidates for public office must be qualified

Dear Editor:

It is said there is one born every minute and I believe this befalls we Americans. Fools are not suffered gladly but we allow do-gooders and corrupt politicians to make decisions for us wherein we suffer the consequences of their actions almost every day.

The more the merrier. In the case of businessmen running for public office, it is obvious that some of these can’t even operate a successful business from the ground up. The case can be made that qualified (the key word here) individuals should run and not just anyone who feels a need to jump into the fray because he or his so-called supporters believe he has something to bring to the office for which he is running.

Outsiders with special interests should not be traipsing into our community saying that the “real world” is not composed of people with good moral practices. Look at the trouble the national Chamber of Commerce was faced with a few years back because of compromising their principles with foreign trade matters.

What about car dealerships that ran into a lot of trouble with the government a number of years back for turning back the speedometers on used cars and selling them as new vehicles.

We have such a City Council group that says yes to any project brought before it without giving any serious thought to the idea that one of these days, we citizens will be paying the piper.

Some of these projects being brought up appear outlandish and out of the realm of this town. These schemes will certainly end up being more costly and of no use to the majority of the citizens but will benefit just the businesses. As in previous communications, I would like to stress that spending huge sums of money by financing and undertaking such projects as the Millbottom fiasco, Wear’s Creek, and especially trying to tame the Missouri River are prohibitive undertakings. Time will bear this out.

Since the cost will be borne by taxpayers and not the planners, let’s spend the money so say the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council members.

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