Your Opinion: Response to Torres about local community

Dear Editor:

Most good citizens in our town should be highly offended by the rancor expressed by the so-called, as she supposedly described herself, “young adult” who moved away because of her hatred of this town and its residents. This has to be the most hateful letter I have ever seen and I am surprised that it even rated mentioning in our newspaper.

Ms. Torres needs a course in diplomacy and manners; and a book on “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Although we in this town are critical and write about our misgivings about happenings here, we will defend this community from outsiders when warranted.

In Torres’ rhetoric about the services provided here, is it possible she did not frequent the nicest restaurants, nor seek out the best and cleanest that this town had to offer. Perhaps her money wouldn’t allow this.

Her assessment of young people moving out of Jefferson City reminds this writer that many move away not because of their dislike of things here but because they marry (or don’t marry) a mate who lives elsewhere and some because their parents or other relatives live in other sections of the country.

She should have given this some thought before jumping to her conclusions.

It seems to me that her venom and disenchantment should be directed inward and focused on herself as she is the problem perhaps not being able to find happiness anywhere in the world.

She might remember that she will get out of life what she puts into it. It’s as simple at that. For the most part, we as individuals create our own contentment with life, no matter the age we are or will be.

We citizens here in Jefferson City send a farewell to her by saying “good riddance” and we prefer not to see the likes of a person like her here ever again. Oh, by the way, we would prefer that her parents, whoever they may be, from the Lake area or wherever, would visit her instead of her returning here. You don’t fit into our community.

If she kept up with her readings, she would discover the economy is bad everywhere, not just here.

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