Your Opinion: Responses to Torres on living in Jefferson City #2

Dear Editor:

I feel that I have to respond to the letter from Ms. Torres, especially since I spent the first 50 years of my life in one of America’s so called best cities, San Diego, Calif.

I can tell her that we had the fancy restaurants, all the theaters, beaches, amusement parks, the world famous zoos — and perfect weather. But what did we do most of the time? The very same thing we do right here in Mid-Missouri. We had backyard barbecues, beach parties, anything that didn’t cost much.

Yes, we did go out to a fancy restaurant every once in awhile, but that was a great treat. If Ms. Torres has a lot of money she can do all those things. I can tell her that in our experience in San Diego, it cost a lot to go out, a lot more than it does here.

Besides the cost of living which is so much higher, there are other advantages here that outweigh larger, impersonal cities. I can quote you two of them that have happened to us. For example, we had a large sheet of glass that we no longer needed, asked Brady Glass if they could use it, we were told “no” but to try to find a use around the house. We did find a use, took the glass to them to be recut, asked for the price and they told us it would be free. That never happened in San Diego, at least never to us. Then I had earlier told you about Mary Ann at Penney’s helping our granddaughter select a blouse, ironing it for her interview (she got the job) and that kind of service also never happened to us in San Diego.

So, Ms. Torres, you may have traded some things that do mean a lot for others that don’t mean much in the long run.

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