Your Opinion: Responses to Boldt on Christianity Letter 2

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Bob Boldt’s letter to the editor, Oct. 5.

This letter is another blistering, blasphemous attack on Christianity. In his letter he basically defines any Christian who believes in the Apostle’s Creed which is the doctrinal teaching of the Triune God as superstitious nonsense.

He even calls Christianity a horrid religion and tries to blame Christianity as the reason of many of our world’s dire problems. He even goes to far as to assume that when Thomas Jefferson refers to God he “probably” meant the non-personal God of nature and by tyranny he surely must be warning us about Christianity.

I urge every Christian to stand up to these sneering scoffers, skeptics and atheists. Don’t let them intimidate you with their unenlightened comments. We know that many in this world are bitterly hostile to Christians. And their numbers will increase as this world draws closer and closer to its dramatic conclusion.

It is true, Mr. Bold, that in the “name” of Christianity many horrible things have been done. And we know that in every church body there are hypocrites. When the destiny of an immortal soul hangs in the balance; when a ruined life totters on and on; when you and I and all sin-born mortals stand before the abyss which ultimately confronts every one of us, where is the truth, the light and the hope that gives us the power to face these uncertainties confidently and unflinchingly?

Death confessions of unbelief and the moaning and cries of despair of scoffers and skeptics, such as yourself, in their dying hours recall to us the comfort and peace given to men when they trustingly raise up their eyes to Calvary’s cross.

God tells us in Psalm 14:1, “The fool hath said in his heart. There is not God” True Christians worship the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which you call a superstitious absurdity. History testifies that atheism always involves moral collapse and the destruction of national and individual virtue.

True Christians have a loving concern for their fellowman and they know that God has the power change the most hardened of hearts. Only God knows what is in your heart but I most certainly hope and pray you are not numbered with those God calls fools.


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