Your Opinion: Redundant diatribes become tiresome

Dear Editor:

The insidious vitriolic rhetoric is just over the top. When I see certain names, it’s a page turner for me.

The ludicrous “I know better than you” is old. I say who cares. The economy is what it is — appalling. I don’t need daily doses of liberals vs. conservatives telling me how perverse the other side is.

In all this, I have not read one solution for any of these issues. Civil discourse and spewing ideologies does not solve anything. This sounds eerily like Washington, D.C. I call it redundant bloviated umbrage.

Knock yourself out (metaphorically speaking) through another medium. i.e. Facebook, e-mail, etc. Why don’t you just agree to disagree? We are all Americans with the right to state what we feel. But, the daily diatribes is way too much. My question to any one of you “if you helped someone, would you ask what political affiliation did they subscribe to before you helped”? I thought not.

Once again, you need to tone it down, go away or both.

And, I’m not buying any of it. Is it any wonder I’m an Independent?

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