Your Opinion: ‘True believers’

Dear Editor:

If you read the recent front page item on Missouri’s special session collapsing were you surprised? Four entities were cited as the cause of the failure. That would be the Sinquefield group, the anti-stem cell forces, special interests for low income housing and the Tea Party. Ostensibly these are all allies but this could be a lesson to those who are working for a one party system. There is no such thing.

I know I am going off script here and telling a non-Christian Nation fact. George Washington was not in favor of political parties. The history of centuries of religious and political strife in Europe turned him off. He could have been declared King of America in 1790 but modestly deferred. He wanted a unified but strong central government. However, his aide-de-camp Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had very strong differences. Those differences led to two American political parties.

This is what history tells us. The French Revolution overthrew a monarchy and then proceeded to consume itself until a tyrant, Napoleon, arrived. The Liberators beheaded the monarchy and others before they turned on each other. Has there ever been a unified one party government entity?

In the Russian Revolution after the monarchy was eliminated, they turned on themselves. Trotsky had slightly different views from Lenin and was forced out. Eventually he was tracked down in Mexico and assassinated.

This goes on and on in the record of history. Stalin later had show trials to torture and kill all of his enemies. Those he did not kill he sent to camps. This is what it takes to have a one government world.

Tea Party advocates write letter after letter here that are like an altar call. They plead with you to join and be in the one true party.

It will fall apart as do all movements based on loyalty and being a “true believer.” I do not doubt their sincerity and I admire the public meetings they conduct. Otherwise they represent everything I oppose.

During football and basketball season I read the Columbia Tribune sports blogs. The articles are usually good and detailed. Previously in the comments sections Nebraska and Kansas fans would lurk to make comments.

I bring this up because their comments are similar to the fraternity testosterone comments seen here. “You are an idiot!” “No, you are an idiot”. That’s true believers for you.

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