Your Opinion: Evaluating creation, evolution

Dear Editor:

We have been told that the theory of evolution is a scientific fact and it is not. I do not believe that we humans evolved from some primal slime. I believe that we were created by a personal God, in his image. It takes more faith to believe in the theory of evolution than creation, as depicted in the Bible.

The following is from Dr. Bierle’s book, “Creation and Evolution,” Where did everything come from? It is the question that should be answered prior to a discussion about the origins of life. There are three options to consider when evaluating “how everything got here.” Those options are:

• Once there was nothing and then there was something. It is difficult to even fathom that nothingness could generate anything, especially the complexity of life, including intelligence. How do you scientifically test this? This is not taken seriously as an explanation for the origin of life or matter.

• Everything began from eternal impersonal matter. This view has to assume that chemicals have always existed, i.e. matter is eternal. This assumes that “In the beginning, matter.” The obvious question is, “Where did the matter come from?” The answer they give is that it has always existed. The only alternative is that it came from nothing and that is without evidence or known mechanism. So this view starts with something (matter) without being able to explain where that something came from. Matter is impersonal and without intelligence. Humans are personal beings with intellect, will, and emotion. How did impersonal matter generate personal human beings? Furthermore, before there was ever a mind, matter had to generate life and personal human beings without guidance, direction or plan, i.e. by undirected chance. This has never been observed or scientifically demonstrated even to be possible, much less actually to have happened.

• Everything began from an eternal personal being. Rather than starting with matter, this view advances the position, “In the beginning, God.” This view starts with something rather than nothing and when asked, “Where did God come from?” the response is that God has always existed.

An eternal personal being would have intellect, will and emotion. A mind was in existence before there was anything else, including matter and human life. This makes possible the generation of everything else by guidance, direction and plan, i.e. a directed process of intelligent design.

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