Your Opinion: Tea Party, Occupy groups contrasted

Dear Editor:

I want to get this straight Mr. Boldt, the Tea Party demonstrations were led and attended by a bunch of America-hating racists, while the Wall Street protesters are being hounded by “fascist jackbooted storm troopers.” Was that what you are trying to say in your letter of Nov. 21?

You ask the question, “What is to be done when the avenues of peaceful (sic), non-violent (sic) revolution are no longer available?” You can’t be serious or have not paid any attention to any news reports about these very un-peaceful acts of anarchy. You say that you are not an advocate of violence, but your language sir, betrays that hypothesis.

During the Tea Party demonstrations, not one person was arrested for anything including littering. They even left the various sites cleaner that when they arrived. As to compare and contrast with all the Wall Street protesters, many have been arrested for several things. No Tea Party attendees were shown on video defecated in public or on police cars. Tea Party attendees did not have to set up women-only tents like the-Wall Street people did, because women were getting raped.

When you said that, “You were surprised by the amount of nearly universal enthusiasm the Wall Street movement produced,” I suppose you might have read that it was “nearly universal enthusiasm” in the Communist Daily? You certainly didn’t read that in any reputable paper or hear it on a reputable radio or television station. Key word is “reputable”! If you did, that goes to show you that the source should be questioned in the future.

Again I say Mr. Boldt, these individuals remind me of the radicals from the ’60s that protested the war in Vietnam and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and they were not at all peaceful. I remind you of your president, whom you now want to impeach, and his friends Bill Ayres and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, and their past as founders of the Weather Underground.

Young people today might believe some of the pure drivel you espouse but others of us remember all too well what your ilk has stood for over the years.

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