Your Opinion: Obama deserves impeachment

Dear Editor:

As Obama drones on, the latest figures on CIA Predator strikes in Pakistan indicate we have killed 176 children. We have only the CIA’s word on how many of these were terrorists (ha!) I cannot heap enough scorn on heads of the cowards who have the temerity to call themselves soldiers as they sit safely in their sinister video game rooms killing these little ones half a world away.

Speaking of cowards, we are now contemplating the re-election of a president who has resolutely refused to prosecute the evident crimes of his predecessor. He has also bragged of his flaunting of international law in the illegal, heinous murder of Osama bin Laden and the murder of three American citizens (two of them minors). Obama is making me nostalgic for the relatively less dangerous George W. Bush.

The much-touted drone strikes against the Pakistanis are fully in keeping with this president’s three most infamous character flaws: conceit, deceit and cowardice. These have been the hallmark of his domestic campaigns for health care, the Wall Street bailout, the upcoming surrender of entitlements and his deeply compromised energy policy. They also characterize his foreign/war policy as well. Not only should Obama not be nominated by the Democrat Party, he should be facing impeachment and life imprisonment for his capital crimes. (I am opposed to the death penalty so I will not advocate it for Obama.)

I am amazed how the only criticisms of Obama that receive any press are the bogus charges that he is a communist, socialist and foreign born. Oh if only he were a socialist!

If you are opposed to murder you cannot vote for Obama. At least none of the candidates on the Republican side have been accused of any crimes stronger than a little harassment of women (not that that should shouldn’t be enough, if proven, to eliminate the candidate, but it is far, far short of murder.) I guess it is up for debate whether Perry’s gubernatorial execution record constitutes murder. He has certainly proven himself one bloodthirsty guy.

More disappointing than Obama’s horrific behavior is the refusal of his supporters to address the disparity between the words and the actual deeds of this monumentally failed president. Liberal Democrats, when confronted with this inconsistency, resort to name-calling and defaming the messenger. No one is more disappointed by reprobate Obama than this former campaigner who helped him get elected.

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