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Dear Editor:

In response to Harold Horstmann’s response to my letter, “Not a Christian Nation,” I must first point out that when I sent the letter to News Tribune, I signed it as follows: “Rev. William B. Edwards, Capital Area Interfaith Alliance, Vipassana Buddhist Church / Center for Buddhist Development, International Order of Buddhist Ministers.” Having been the editor of newsletters in the past, I’m fully aware that editors sometimes simply run out of space and have to edit text. So if Horstmann feels misled, I apologize.

Secondly, Buddhism is third largest religion in the United States and the fourth largest religion on planet Earth; so in relation to his question: Where else in the world would a Buddhist be able to achieve such a position? There isn’t enough space to list all those nations in just 400 words.

Furthermore, nowhere in my letter did I use the term “Theocracy.” Although, there are people like the followers of R. J. Rushdoony, and his son Mark, who would like to see our republic dissolved and replaced with a Theocracy ruled by Old Testament Biblical Law. I don’t want to live in a country ruled by Buddhistic law, Biblical law, Sharia law, Pagan law or any other religious law. I want to see a continuation of Thomas Jefferson’s “Wall of Separation between Church and State.”

Horstman is correct, Buddhism is a non-theistic religion; however, Buddhism is called the “Middle Path” between extremes — atheism and theism are extremes. In Buddhism truth is to be found between extremes. To get solid educational information on Buddhism go to

Incidentally, a lot of my extended family, whom I deeply love, are devout Christians, and I would defend to my death their right to practice their Christian religion and to express their political views — it’s called being an American.

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