Your Opinion: Desperation infuses denial of reality

Dear Editor:

Desperation reeks from Mr. Bluma’s letter to deny truth and reality.

Using a definition for “natural born citizen” provided by Obama himself while he was a U.S. senator, Obama proved he was not a “natural born citizen” when he released his supposed birth certificate. Obama himself clearly defined that the “natural born citizen” clause in the U.S. Constitution required any U.S. president to have American born parents.

The heavily photo-shopped copy of the birth certificate released by Obama, or did the White House release it by itself, clearly shows Obama’s father was born in Kenya. Last time I checked Kenya is not America, perhaps Mr. Bluma had Democrat Party provided alternative reality geography lessons.

The “natural born citizen” requirement comes straight from the U.S. Constitution. Why do people deliberately ignore reality and digress to fantasy like Mr. Bluma? If the gullible mind explanation doesn’t suffice then the Obama Zombie explanation remains. Ignoring reality and swallowing poisonous falsehoods for the sake of Obama and Democrat Party loyalty is pathetic. Falsely mislabeling others to distract attention from the truth is a typical tactic of liberals.

Before we can accept the validity of his argument, Mr. Truth Denier needs to prove to the rest of us that he can actually have a rational thought.

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