Your Opinion: Signs depict America's decline

Dear Editor:

I agree with Mark Pavely’s March 18 opinion that America is on the decline. Consider Obama’s recent policy for members in our military which would allow open homosexuals and lesbians to serve. And also his recent view that he can no longer defend traditional marriage between a man and a woman as defined by our Constitution.

The Bible tells us plainly that homosexuals are an abomination in God’s sight and they will not inherit the kingdom of God. But by His crucifixion and resurrection Jesus Christ established God’s forgiveness so that men may repent, recognizing homosexuality for what is: defiance of God’s will.

History testifies that homosexuality accompanies a declining civilization. Consider Sodom and Gomorrah as well as other nations of antiquity which fell because of their degeneracy with the final overthrow being immorality.

And we have a socialist-Marxist president who is leading this assault on the family structure in America. It seems like America has tolerated this obscenity for so long that it no longer seems obscene.

The act of murdering babies by abortion in many cases is no longer viewed as murder but as the mother’s right to choose. Truly marriage and the things pertaining to marriage have been desecrated and defiled by sin.

To the perceptive Christian this immorality and degeneracy as well as other signs should alert us that God will not put up with this for very much longer. With all of these earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, it seems that all of God’s creation is astir; heaven and earth is creaking as an old house on the very verge of crashing and falling down.

Is God warning us that this old world will soon come to an end and that the day of its dissolution is standing at the door? Sadly though lost on the world at large these signs will deeply impress Christians and will not cause them a great deal of fear but will implant a firmer trust in Christ’s promise, “Because I live, ye shall live also.”

If only we could detach ourselves from the gripping love of this world and know the radiance of living eternally with Christ we would not cling so tenaciously to every moment of life nor fear these signs as a doomsday scenario but will joyfully look forward to claiming a title to our portion in the Father’s house of many mansions.

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