Your Opinion: Vote ‘no’ on Proposition A

Dear Editor:

Why pay more for trash service? That’s what proponents of Proposition A are really asking us to do.

I thank our City Council for giving us a responsible, affordable, efficient citywide trash service. They listened to the citizens when we said we wanted a new program that included curbside recycling. They tested it in a trial program and, when they were satisfied that it worked, they approved the current contract. Citywide trash service is important to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Jefferson City in the same ways that fire and police protection, clean water and sewer service are. We all pay for those services, why not for trash removal?

But let’s not pay more than we need to.

Proponents of Prop. A clamor for “choice” in their trash service. They had that choice under the previous system and 1,000 tons of trash went missing in 2009. Well, not missing exactly, but dumped into creeks, wooded areas, in city parks or parking lots, or left in basements or back porches.

Before moving to Jefferson City four years ago I had a choice in my selection of trash providers. The two competitors provided the exact same service for the exact same fee, which was more than I pay now, and I had one pick up each week and no recycling. So much for competition. If Prop. A passes, we will pay more for less service. Our rates are below the state average and well below our neighbors in Cole and Callaway counties. Let’s keep it that way.

We are also likely to lose curbside recycling. Recycling is important in keeping our costs down, because Jefferson City is now recycling about 25 percent of our solid waste, extending the life of our landfill. Let’s not pay more because more of our trash is going into the landfill instead of being recycled. That’s what will happen if Prop. A passes.

Passage of Proposition A is also likely to result in the use of our tax money to pay for the city’s breach of contract with Allied. That means either higher taxes or a reduction in other services to pay those costs.

Let’s make sure the money we pay Allied is for trash service, not because we passed Prop. A.


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