Your Opinion: Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition A

Dear Editor:

The upcoming election for Proposition A has received many unfavorable and false claims against it by persons of this city who know better, or who would, based on a little fact check.

Success of Proposition A removes a mandate in this city by which the treasury of Allied Waste benefits, a firm determined to maintain monopoly income. Voting for the proposition will release citizens from coercion to comply when no vote of the people was taken, and the effect has been to force citizens to accept the terms of an agreement none signed.

Voting for Proposition A does not, as has been claimed, eliminate recycling of items. It does aid in the possibility of lower fees per household. Proposition A does not mean trash will accumulate in residential environments, for the part of the city code which maintains a necessity to regularly move trash remains in force and is not an element in any vote for Proposition A.

Among the panic buttons pushed to keep Proposition A from passing is the threat that Allied will sue for breach of contract, or that Allied will stop collection of trash. Allied is fully aware that if any clause in the agreement with the city is ruled void, this does not mean the agreement can be canceled by Allied. The agreement clearly states if any part of the agreement becomes void due to law or ordinance, the remaining portions of the agreement remain in force.

It is also true that Proposition A does not require anyone who likes the present service and wants to retain it to lose that service. The benefit of Proposition A is that you do not have to do so from some desire of the city and Allied to extract a fee from your pocket, on which no citizen voted.

A resident may, with passage of Proposition A combine trash and pay with a neighbor, have it taken by a third party other than Allied for legitimate disposal, or have the freedom to act in any choice, only bearing in mind that trash cannot be allowed to accumulate as stated in the city code. This country has one foundation built on economic freedom of choice. This is what, in essence, Proposition A promotes. It denies nothing and forces no one to accept a more unfavorable choice than they determine for themselves.

The very fact of this freedom of choice guarantees Allied will not be encouraged to raise its fee to an exorbitant level, for the citizens gain ability to react and adjust.

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