Your Opinion: Do you practice Christian teachings?

Dear Editor:

Geraldean McMillin, whose letter appeared in the March 23 edition, is a true Christian. She practices what the Good Book says. Unlike those who go to church on Sunday and profess to be Christian but whose behavior is anything but Christ-like are hypocrites.

In Matt. 25:27-40, Jesus is quoted as saying that the way to worship God is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and tend to the homeless if they are strangers. Yet, there are those who vote against programs that do just that and confess to have “moral values.”

In Matt. 19:23-24, Jesus is quoted as saying that it is hard for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet there are those who vote to keep the tax breaks for the very wealthy that could otherwise help those in need.

In Luke 10: 10-25-37, Jesus is quoted as saying that loving one’s neighbor is equal to loving God. Yet there are those who resent having a black president. They question where he was born, where he grew up or where he went to school. They even doubt his faith and his love of God. Yet I find him one of the most intelligent persons to ever serve this country. His love for his family is one of envy.

Then there are those who resent having a Jew, Muslim, Hispanic or anyone other than a white Christian in their community but still have a sense of being persons of good faith.

So I ask, what kind of Christian are you? Do you treat others as you want them to treat you? Is your religious practice free of prejudice, is it tolerant of others and their religious beliefs? Do you go to church to feel worthy, or to ask for guidance and the strength to be a true Christian?

Is your behavior Christ-like? My observation of both the governed and those who govern is that there are more hypocritical Christians today than any time in recent memory.


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