Your Opinion: Abundance of shoddy products

Dear Editor:

It has become so tiresome reading about government entities and state employees whining constantly about proposed budget cuts. Everyone in times like these should bite the bullet and get on with making do with what they have and living the best they can. Far too many people do not buy the necessities of life but the frills that accompany the items they really need.

What citizens should be doing is standing up and making a big ruckus about the inferior goods pouring into our country from China, Mexico and the likes of Honduras and South America.

And there are others snookering us as well. I’m thinking in terms of legislative bodies composed of people who are supposed to be governing the people of this land. They certainly are not doing a very good job but are sinking us into heavy debt.

Woolen products coming from China appear much thinner and not the good wool that once was “Proudly made in Oregon.”

I believe we Americans are having the wool pulled over our eyes in one fashion or another. Cotton material is scratchy and rough to the touch (heaven help those who are allergic to same) bathroom items appear far inferior to those once coming from U.S. manufacturers and kitchen items, too are shoddy.

Other items as well have been and continue to be filtrating into our homes. Everything is inferior to what we have had in the past.

May I also suggest you watch the news with Diane Sawyer on the ABC network which features a short segment of a product made in a foreign country. I watched it for the second time the other night and it was an eye-opener.

One store where I trade shows some of the products featuring the label “Made (grown) in the USA” like tomatoes. I look for this label. TV ads show “Buy American.” I try but usually do not find this on some of the products. And the print is so tiny that it is difficult to read if you are able to find it.

It seems that things are going haywire in this country, and I cringe when I think of whatever else is on the horizon for not only America but the whole world.


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