Your Opinion: Food for thought about uses of grain

Dear Editor:

While there is no doubt that there are large populations suffering from hunger, the diversion of massive amounts of grain into biofuels and meat production has little to do with the global distribution of food.

Despots and tyrants in those Middle East countries that Jeff Flemming referred to have raped their countries for decades, pocketing the oil money and purposely repressing the masses stay in power.

I don’t think that Jeff Flemming realizes that there is much more to consider about grain. First of all grain production is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Currently there is a shortage of grain in the global market because of droughts and floods.

Secondly not all grain is created equal. Grain that is damaged by excessive moisture or extreme heat is not fit for human consumption. What does he suggest we do with that damaged grain, dump it and the farmer takes a total loss. Ethanol plants cannot use it because it does not contain the high sugar content that is needed to make ethanol.

Fortunately livestock can utilize damaged grain. Don’t get me wrong, as a livestock producer we all would like number one corn, but it can be blended with the damaged grain to provide very good feed for cattle, hogs, even catfish. In fact, catfish feed is made of the most damaged grains.

As I have pointed out many times, animals turn plants and grains indigestible by humans into protein that humans can utilize.

With our population expanding at such a rapid rate, I really don’t think that eliminating meat production would be a wise choice. Not only would you lose a substantial food source but the damaged grain would also be a loss.

Mr. Flemming needs to consider more that just what his vegetarian agenda allows him.

I don’t fault him for being a nonmeat eater, so I wish he’d leave us meat eaters alone, and let us enjoy our steaks.

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