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Your Opinion: Response on limiting letters

Dear Editor:

Thanks for reading and writing Mr. Warren.

Limiting the number of letters for any one writer is an interesting proposal and entirely up to the editor. The number of words per letter is limited. You mentioned me but overlooked four other frequent writers.

I have spent some effort trying to encourage like-minded people to write their own letters. It is amazing how many reasons people give to not take the time to write like you did. So, many say I want to write a letter but … Most people who are still working or have a business just cannot risk offending anyone. So, it is mostly up to older retired people to write. I am encouraged by the increase in the Tribune’s letter diversity. You might say I recruited you.

Do I really rant Mr. Warren? Keith Olbermann or Glenn Beck rant. I do not aspire to that level of nastiness. I do aspire to state my point of view.

You indicate I should give you my “source.” That would be easy if there were only one. I mostly read and try to avoid much of what is on television. So, that certainly avoids the one source so common for many conservatives.

But I will give you this source. Go to the conservative blog by David Frum who was a President G.W. Bush speech writer. Search for “Fox Geezer Syndrome” for a very interesting read. The young conservative writing the article says his parents brains have been eaten by Glenn Beck ranting. His whole family is conservative but he cannot discuss issues with his parents because they watch Fox 24/7. If he expresses any view contrary to what they have heard on Fox, they start “ranting” at him.

So I will tell you I read and listen to as many sources as time permits. I believe it is important to hear many views in a public forum. Public issues are not one sided or even two sided. It is always better to have question marks than exclamation points. So call this free thinking. Should not a public discussion be made better when more voices are heard?

If you feel your view is not being expressed as much as you desire, should you not write more often Mr. Warren? Would not the editor have less space for some if more people contribute?

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