Your Opinion: Letter revives blaming GOP

Dear Editor:

I am writing to thank James W. White for his letter printed in the News Tribune May 28 edition.

Mr. White’s letter, I think, tells us “greedy” Republicans exactly what the Democrats 2012 election platform is (as if we didn’t know already). It’s nothing new. Just blame any Republican(s) that they can think of for all America’s financial problems and anything else they can think of and how the old and poor will starve and die if Republicans are elected.

Think about it, that’s got to be a winner for Mr. Obama in 2012. In 2008, all America’s problems were George Bush’s fault, it worked and it was a winner for Mr. Obama. Hey, if it worked once it will surely work again, right? Apparently Mr. White thinks it will.

Why should we elect frugal and Constitution-revering politicians like those “greedy” Republicans to solve our problems? Why if we keep the Democrats in power, the money will just keep coming and the ranks of the poor will just keep growing until everyone will be poor. Wouldn’t that be great! No one would have to work! Everyone would be on food stamps and unemployment and could go to the doctor whenever they want for nothing! It would be an absolute utopia. The only people that would need to be employed are the union government workers to pay the bills and take care of us.

But wait! Where’s the money going to come from? Oh, I forgot. The government can print all we need! Problem solved. I’m just so happy for Mr. White and his Democrat friends and families that they can sleep at night knowing America is in good hands with Mr. Obama.

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