Your Opinion: On the brink of bankruptcy

Dear Editor:

Tony Smith’s letter in the July 10 issue of the News Tribune is unbelievable.

I wonder if Mr. Smith manages his personal finances like he feels our government should. I feel anyone who calls our politicians who are trying to rein in our ridiculously irresponsible liberal Democrat party’s tax-and-spend policies “terrorism” has got to be on the verge of bankruptcy as is our country. I wonder if his debt-holders (if he has any) have read his letter?

He still tries to blame George Bush. I thought by now even the most die-hard Democrats have given up on that one. When will Mr. Smith wake up and figure out he’s really living in Mr. Obama’s nightmare. He’s had two and one-half years to implement his hope and change and I think he has. His hope is that he could change our nation into a third world country and he’s definitely succeeding.

I do partially agree with Mr. Smith on one thing. Except for the newly elected House of Representatives, which we are still evaluating as to their courage, America has the worst political leadership in generations. Of course the worst was the Obama, Reid, Pelosi triad that voted in Obamacare without one Republican vote, which I feel is the most irresponsible and if it is not repealed is the nail in our country’s coffin. That is the real reason for the “required” debt increase because the Democrats know they’re going to need it.

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