Your Opinion: Socialist delusions distort reality

Dear Editor:

Any form of government not based on socialism is abhorrent. A socialist form of government will produce Utopia. Anybody opposing a socialist form of government is opposing Utopia. Socialism has not produced Utopia anywhere and at any time but it will create Utopia in the USA, then spread to the whole world.

Government grants rights to people. Government is all powerful and perfect so people should serve government without question.

Nonviolent opposition to an all powerful and all intrusive government is hate speech spewed by bigoted ignorant people who the government should re-educate or eliminate. Democrat/socialist people can be violent to others opposing big government. People that oppose big government have no rights. Utopia is of supreme importance, individual rights shall not stand in the way of Utopia.

A socialist form of government already exists and the Constitution no longer exists. Insolently ignore the U.S. Constitution and any oath of office. The rights of government are infinite but the rights of people are very limited and can be withdrawn any time government desires. Religion impedes government trying to create a secular Utopia; therefore, religion is dangerous. Government needs to destroy Judeo-Christian faiths and values to create a secular Utopia.

Government embraces Islam faith now because the religion of violence is helping to destroy the present constitutional republic that is the basis of the United States .

Government owns all money, property and citizens. Government is the new God. Taxes are tithes to government. Estates of the deceased are community property that government will confiscate and redistribute. Government must abolish capitalism and fairly redistribute unfairly earned wealth.

Citizens are not rational reasonable individuals that can think or take care of themselves without government. The masses are so helpless they need, cradle to grave government direction and support.

Good and evil don’t exist because everything is subjective. Criminals are never evil or responsible for their actions. Society is at fault for all criminal activity. Blaming society causes guilt in the helpless masses that can’t think for themselves. Ethics and morality don’t exist because the end, a secular Utopia, justifies the means.

Don’t upset the masses; a fully funded Social Security Trust Fund does exist. Massive government debt is not a problem. Describe the mass murder in Tucson as an accident just like Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Reset now back to reality and rational thought unless you keep electing Democrats.

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