YOUR OPINION: Response on vegan diets

Dear Editor:

Boys! You get an E for effort but an F for factual content. Could it be that those Web sites that you visit aren’t employing full disclosure?

Dairy cow abuse at a slaughter plant does not equate into abuse by the dairy industry. Two very distinct different entities there. Dairymen know all about happy cows. I’d like to elaborate — not enough space.

The dead zone in the Gulf is the result of fertilizer and chemical runoff not just from farms along the rivers but from towns and roadways on the tributaries of Ole’ Miss. Livestock producers have not been allowed to dump waste into any stream for some time now.

The UN is not urging a shift to a vegan diet; the starving countries of the world are already on one. The challenge has been to incorporate cheap animal protein into their diets.

The third step in “The Twelve Steps of the Animal Rights Agenda” is vegetarian meals should be made available at all public institutions, including schools. Being a vegetarian is not just about giving up meat but fish, fowl, dairy, leather and wool. Right? Vegans push soy as an alternative to animal protein. Soy is not a totally digestible nutrient. Humans get very little of its high protein because they cannot effectively digest it.

Cows are the most efficient utilizer of soy, turning it into a protein that humans can digest. Soy also has estrogen-like qualities that have been linked early puberty in young girls.

The drug-resistant bacteria issue has not nearly been around as long as doctors have been indiscriminately over-prescribing antibiotics to their neurotic patients and their children for the sniffles.

A lot of vegetables were recalled this year for salmonella and E-coli. Didn’t I just hear of tainted alfalfa sprouts close to home?

Mankind has eaten meat for almost as long as he has existed. I’m pretty sure that when he got tired of eating nuts and berries he discovered fire so he could barbecue meat.

You really want a healthier lifestyle? Get moving, dump the junk food and fast food, learn to cook healthy, well-balanced meals at home. Frozen meals don’t count. Don’t have time to cook? Always being on the run is a stress that adds to the waistline in adults and kids.

Nothing against veggies, but I’m not giving up on my meat.

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