YOUR OPINION: Greed is name of the game

Dear Editor:

How unfortunate that a few of the do-gooders in this small community seem endeavored in their desire to build up Adrian’s Island, Wears Creek, old buildings that have absolutely no historical value at all and other such structures just for the benefit of ongoing business enterprises to obtain publicity and the tourist trade, as well as reaping publicity for themselves in the local paper. Most of these people I have never heard of in connection with anything. And it has gotten to be a regular rat race among the businesses.

It seems to many of we consumers that greed appears to be the name of the game. First we are told by government bodies to save, then it turns to spend to help, certainly not us, but the business community. It can’t be both ways. More and more citizens appear to be going heavily into debt for everyday living expenses, and there are many others who can hardly put proper food before the family.

I find it offensive that so many organizations have their hand in the pot asking for donations to help their particular causes. Several years ago this project was undertaken by both female groups and men’s groups and sorority members and, unlike today’s so-called young professionals, it certainly was not performed for the publicity it radiated but because they really wanted to help the ones who were in need of donations consisting of food and clothing. And it was not necessary to go “begging” through form letters and telephone calls as present day solicitors do.

I can well remember when the uptown stores had more staying power than the fly-by-nighters of today. They were owned and managed by the owners themselves. These were families of good stock who exercised good common sense and respected their customers. Today the business owners, some of them anyway, might be the offspring of the previous owner but are more interested in making the news and with an overbearing attitude of “What can you do for me?” rather than “What can I do for you?”

At this most retiring time of the year what has become of the words to the Christmas song that goes “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Man?” There doesn’t happen to be any peace among the nations, and man certainly doesn’t display much good will toward his fellow man.

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